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Domestic violence, dowry in marriages, education needs, sanitary needs, etc. are just a few of the many social injustice topics against women that are still persistant in the Indian society.

In partnership with a team of students from Lady Doak College in Madurai Karangal aims to produce short films that bring more light and awareness to these topics and promote discussions at schools and educational institutions around the state of Tami Nadu, India. LDC is a college for women, based in Madurai. As they will be representing the future of India, the idea is to ask these young women which theme is the most important to work on. Domestic violence was the first one to come to their minds. 

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Karangal has organised a one week webinar with the LDC girls to have them understand the topic of Domestic Violence. Another week of webinar will then follow and the students will be studying how to make a movie with their cameras or even with their phones. 

We will then ask a professional panel of Jury members to chose the best movies. We will also be giving the opportunity to the public of watching the movies to give out the price of the public.


This project is very ambitious so very donation is essential, even small!

Winner of the first edition of the Karangal Film Festival

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