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Masala Boxes

Masala Box is the brain child of a friend of Karangal, Jurgen - a kit with recipes, specially prepared spice mixes and selected dry ingredients to prepare an authentic and full Indian meal. The recipes are usually family favourites of Indian friends.of the association.

Initiated in palm leaf boxes the container of this kit has evolved into a bag made from recycled saris one season, colourful batik made by women with Down syndrome for another occasion and self-help women’s groups in India at other times. 

Karangal’s Christmas Masala Box is the most popular and festive one. It’s usually planned for 6-8 persons.

A recent favourite is the Valentine’s Day Masala box for 2.

A new arrival in the family of Masala Boxes is our spice mixes for barbecues and for meat and fish dishes

A Masala Box is a colourful and savoury gift for a person who enjoys exotic cooking but doesn’t have all the required Indian ingredients and spices in the kitchen. We choose the best Basmati rice, different varieties of Indian dals (lentils) and make our own spice mixes for each

menu. Friends of the association try out and test each menu – as a result, an easy to follow recipe and the assurance of a savoury meal!


Join us and be a part of the Masala Box team.

Someways you can help

- create new menus and ideas

- test the recipes

- adjust the spice level to suit the Swiss palate

- join other volunteers to help cook or demonstrate for groups

- join other volunteers to prepare the Masala Boxes for sale (seasonal)

Contact us at to participate!

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