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Children's Educational Support

Help Karangal build and support a children's activity centre near the town of Madurai in India.


Give children from the lower middle class and poorer backgrounds an opportunity to further develop their creative and exploratory skills in science and other fields in a safe environment after school hours.


Karangal is partnering up with the People's Education for Action and Liberation (PEAL) to build and setup Green Slate, a Children's Activity Centre in Madichiyam.


Madichiyam is a densely populated suburban settlement outside the town of Madurai, India, consisting of various communities mainly belonging to the lower-middle class and poor. Children in this locality are constantly exposed to violence, drugs and hostile home environments. Many of them, if lucky, have the opporturniy to go to government schools and less equipped private schools.


In order to prevent these children from falling prey to unwanted addictive habits at a very young age and violence, PEAL has come up with a plan to setup a full fledged activity centre for around 30 to 35 children. 

Green Slate will not only provide a safe environment, after school hours, for children to develop their curiosity and creativity, but also provide career guidance and exposure to various opportunities that they may not have access to otherwise.


Karangal is very excited to support PEAL in their endeavour. Their mission will be to improve the overall skills of children in vulnerable communities by implementing an overall educational framework covering academic, extra-curricular activities, interpersonal skills, soft skills and inculcating the thirst to learn new things. In turn, this will better equip them to lead a self-empowered life, liberating them from the ordinary expectations of society and enable creation of a just and peaceful society.


Come support us in our cause and empower these children!  

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